"it´s possible"


You see an urban landscape. It looks like a model but it´s real. The construction seems to be real new and unused. The place is totally deserted. It´s daytime but the streetlamps are shining. In this unreal place you hear a childlike voice telling you about another place.
The image of the real could be unreal as a dream.
The text you hear is an extract of many interviews i have made with children about the way they think about paradies.

"länger bleiben"

A Man is standing at a table. He drinks and smokes.
In four static settings, men appear in similar situations. Nothing much is happening, apart from a speaker describing the course of a party.
In these fixed pictures, static and motion, brightness and darkness, loneliness and sociability and a sad mood coexist. The mixture allows an amused smile.


"rock you"

In a location that just slowly reveals itself to the viewer, people act as if they were on a theaterstage.
they kiss, dance, play football or plainly wait. absolutely unimpressed of this forced attempt to spice up life, passengers walk through the frame or cat and dog hunt each other. life goes on.

"The HappyOnes" Videoinstallation for two Screens - 2007 - without sound
in 5 documentary scenes you see an urban landscape in which you can realize different realities in one picture. They all live together , candycoloured boots floating through a hightecharchitecture, a rabbitfamily wich lives directly in the city, bathing children in the pedestrain area, floating ballons who are moving in a very silent and meditative way.„The HappyOnes“ is very absurd and funny.
„The HappyOnes“ was shown at Loop, Videoartfair Barcelona, Gallery Loris, Berlin and Directorslounge Berlin