My work is dealing with parallel worlds, which exists in our society. Sometimes they seem like paradise to me.
In my photographs I want to make them visible, give them a voice and an artistic form, show their beauty and power.
For that purpose I combine documentary and fiction. My images are looking real and unreal at the same time, often move away from time and seem like a filmstill or a painting.

"Embassy of Trees"

Climate Art I Art in urban space




I was searching for people who uses the urban space at night for their own needs. For me the city is like a stage. With all the lights it looks like a filmstill or a theaterscene. I wanted to transform the banal scenery into a filmstill. I asked the persons, if I can take a picture of what they are doing. Then I took a long time exposure and they have to stand still like a sculpture for 6 - 20 seconds. This gave the whole scene a dense moment of importance. The book "play" is available at Klartext-Verlag.

Small Wilderness

Wild flowers

„Tree - Winter“

my latest work, which I just finished, is a series of trees, with the specific winterlight. It looks like using a spot, but it`s all natural light.


I was searching for the being and the energy of the forest. Like most of my images, it looks a bit unreal like the setting of a film or a painting.

"Ghost Mountain"

is a series of long time exposures, which I took in the mountains of Gomera at night.
I have never seen such a powerful and magic landscape. At night it`s totally deserted, you can only hear some goats. In this silence I discovered waves of fog, which are moving very fast. The clouds and the fog are illuminated by the lights of the villages.I had the feeling of discovering a new planet.

"The Field"

After the floodwater of the river "Rhein"


is a book about the theaterfestival "Promethiade", which took place in Athens, Istanbul and Essen. It`s available at Klartext Verlag



Portraits for magazines and business